Wine photoshoot! - Stock images!

Today i did a fun photoshop.
Here's a small taste of the images.

Guide to make this:
- I took one image of the wine glass, with just the water still and no hand on the glass.
- I took a second image, and now I'm shaking the glass, causing the water to spill and move a round in the glass.
- I later removed the hand in photoshop, and adding the regular foot on the glass from image 1.

Now we have a complete image, of wine swirling around in the glass - Then i just added some color to it in lightroom.

Why did i fake the color? = Photographing real red wine doesn't work so well, its TOO dark.
White wine splashRed wine splash
MatthiasE - Dreamstime Portfolio

New macro images

 I bought myself a late Christmas present, a macro lens. Its very impressive i think, i really enjoy taking macro shots, small simple things like flower buds becomes interesting to look and when you see all the small details of it.
Pink flower buds
Pink flower buds macro image
Coffee beans
Coffee beans macro shot
Dog Nose closeup
Dog nose macro shot

Going to Stockholm for photointerview=)

Im going to Stockholm today 12/11 for a interview. Very exited, i gonna reveal some more details about this when everything is official and the contracts are signed=)

Check out my images from Stockholm when i were there last time:
Vintage apartments - Stockholm
Paralament of Sweden - Panorama
© Photographer: Matthiase | Agency:

Apartment photostudio!

I have just moved to a own apartment, which gonna double as a photostudio. I have just painted the whole place white so i brighten up the rooms as much as possible.

Some interiors shots are in the upload-and-review-queue over at Dreamstime so hopefully they will get accepted and be downloadable from my portfolio.

Green field and farm
Green field and farm - New images too in the portfolio.