Make a living out of your photography

How i made a living out of my photography.

Many have tried and failed in the stock images business. Why?
- What i can tell you is that you should NEVER give up. Or just think that its a low income so its not worth your effort and time.

How i made it and how you also can make it. Is by never giving up. The more images you have in your portfolio the more you'll sell. That's the key.
When you are starting out it might seem like you are not making a lot of money. But if you keep on uploading content, sales will come. Guaranteed.

Think of it like any other small business, you might have a small store. It might be days when you are not having a single sale. Its the same with stock images. But if you take my advice above and keep on uploading content you ARE going to have more sales every day.
As of now i have more then 2000 images online. And i have sales almost every day. I have very wide portfolio, i have images of everything. I'm not specializing in a particulate image style. Like JUST images of people and so on.

What i love about the stock business its that i can spend my time taking more images. And the sales will manage itself. You don't have to worry about getting customers to your portfolio or dealing with paperwork and emails.
- You just take your images and upload them, and they will generate money for you.

My earnings at the moment.

Are you a 3D artist or illustrator you can sell your work easily too. You don't have to sell just images.
You can sell videos too, with gives you a lot more revenue per sale.

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How do you actually sell your images?

1. Getting started in the stock image business
 - First you need your images that you want to sell, of course.
 - If you have images of people you need a model release, this is a small document that will be signed by the photographer the model and a witness.
All images that contain people needs a model release, this is so that you can't sell images of people that haven't given the photographer their permission to sell their face and so on.

I guess most people would be shocked to see their own face on a billboard in new york if they didn't know that they have been photographed.

Only upload the images that are optically good, and have a clear concept. Have a very obvious concept, theres nothing wrong with this in the stock image business.
If you want a image of the business women thinking,  she should really express that emotion in the images.

Thinking woman looking up- Uploading every image you have on your hard drive is a very bad tactic. Quality is better then quantity.
Uploading lots of images that are bad these will get refused and will drag down your acceptance ratio and this will put your images far down in the searches. This will lead to that you don't sell as much images then the rest on the site.

Always check you image before submitting them.

Check for logotypes, on cars, cloths, stores everything. Images that contain logos of other companies can't be sold as royalty free images. Because its against the law to sell and make money on something that you haven't created by yourself.

And also have all the right document in order as mentioned before, such as model releases.

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What to shoot?

People image tend to sell the best i have notice with my own portfolio.
I have just started to shoot a lot of models. They keep coming after seeing my work.

But you can also shoot what ever you want. But DONT shoot plant, flowers etc.
Everyone has been doing this then they started in stock. The stock image sites have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of images of flower etc. The time you spend on shooting plants isn't worth it if you are starting out now.
Truck on highwayShoot image that can sell. Flowers and such are overdone and oversupplied. Its not worth spending your time on taking photographs that everybody else already have done.

IF you get a sold images of a flower its just luck. But this won't get you to the big money. Not worth spending time on those image, just for a occasional sale. Take images that will sell over and over again and get you more money in the long run.

- Find your own style and be unique in the ways you can. And take quality images. Don't just upload every image that you have laying around, as mentioned before.

What else sells?

You can also sell vectors or illustrations, or hand painted images.
You can make these in adobe illustrator or any other
Seamless Oranges background
software you feel comfortable working with.
Or you could scan you hand painted images and sell those too.

Illustrations are very popular, and very unique because every designer has their own style of painting and designing a image.

Get extra money
Many stock agencies have the option for you to go exclusive with them. This means that you ONLY upload images to their site and in return you'll often get paid for just UPLOADING an image.
And you'll get a more percentage deal from every sold image.
Im exclusive with Dreamstime, they have the best paying exclusivity deal.

You get paid for uploading images, and you get 60% of all earnings on every sold image.

How do you go exclusive and why?
On Dreamtime when you have 50 accepted images in you portfolio you can apply to become a exclusive photographer.

Why I'm exclusive: is because its takes a lot of time and effort to upload and tag every image that you have in your portfolio.
I don't have the time to be on many stock agencies at the same time. And too little images.

You are not missing out on sales. Of you are exclusive, as i said you are getting paid just to upload an image. So i feel its a good deal.

The ONLY reason why you shouldn't be exclusive is when you have more then 10 000 good images that you can spread out on different agencies. This will bring good income, but if you are under that amount theres no point in spending all your spare time on tagging just a few image on different agencies. When you can get a upload bonus and get more procent of each sold image as a exclusive photographer on one site.

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New models - Stock photography success

I have a lot of my model shoots up im my porfolio.
Im busy shootimg models all week now.
Here some of the images, more is coming up in my portfolio soon.
Matthiase Portfolio

Male portrait sitting down
Male portrait sitting on stairs
Male portrait sitting on chair
Business man

 Business man
Business man

Food photography - Stockimages that sell

Images from my latest food photography session.

Green apple Stockimage and Orange Stockimage
Green appleOranges splash
Green apple water splash

All fruits were shot isolated on the white background using a flash and a white table.
Then i shot the water im my shower, i just splashed some water in there with a cup and photographt it on my white tile background. All white background were later removed and i put in a green bokeh image i had in my photos at the computer.

All images are premeditated, you think of a concept, and how you will do to get the images that you want. Be creative!

Tjäna pengar på din blogg!
More of the images will be in my full portfolio.

Iphone 6 News

Iphone 6 vector
MatthiasE stockimage at

Fully editable vector version of a newly released iPhone 6

Booked models - People stock images

More image will be online in this month.

Home lifestyle photoshoot
Home lifestyle photoshoot
Home lifestyle photoshoot

Link to my portfolio: